Colon Hydrotherapy

The colon or large intestine is in the end portion of the human digestive tract. Its primary functions are to eliminate waste, conserve water and reabsorb electrolytes and minerals. Waste material that has remained in the colon for some time (i.e. impacted feces, dead cellular tissue, accumulated mucous, parasites, worms, etc.), poses several health problems. These poisons can reenter and circulate in the blood stream, making us feel weak, tired, or ill. Also, impacted materials impair the colon’s ability to assimilate minerals and cause the overgrowth of bad bacteria and yeast. A buildup of material on the colon wall can also inhibit muscular action, causing sluggish bowel movements, slow transit time, constipation and the results of these disorders. Colon hydrotherapy can greatly alleviate this congestion and the build-up of unwanted toxic waste. Colon irrigation is a safe, effective method for cleaning the colon waste and ridding the system of this unwanted material, by repeated, gentle flushing of pure filtered warm water.

Why is Colon Hydrotherapy so effective?

Colon hydrotherapy cleanses the colon: Toxic materials are broken down and removed so they can no longer harm the body or inhibit assimilation and elimination. Even debris that has built up over a long period is gently removed in the process of a series of irrigations. Once impacted material is removed, your colon can begin again to function as it was meant to. Colon Hydrotherapy is a whole body rejuvenation treatment.

Colon Hydrotherapy exercises the colon muscles: The build up of toxic debris weakens the colon muscles and impairs its functioning. The gentle filling and emptying of the colon improves the peristaltic activity (muscular contraction) by which the colon naturally moves material. This will help speed up the transit time of fecal material once the colon muscles have been toned, strengthened and rejuvenated.

Colon Hydrotherapy reshapes the colon: When conditions exist in the colon, they alter its shape and structure, which in turn causes more health problems. The gentle action of the water, coupled with the massage techniques and the experience of the colon hydrotherapist, help eliminate pockets of waste, finally enabling the colon to resume its natural state. Colon Hydrotherapy hydrates the body: Our bodies are made of 65-75% water and with the use of the pure water in the colonic; our bodies are able to absorb much needed clean and pure water to hydrate our cells, from the inside, out. Read, “Water Can Undermine Your Health” by Norman Walker, D.S., to get a full account of what water does within our bodies.

What do I have to do to prepare for a Colonic?

It is recommended that you DON’T eat 2 hour prior to the colonic. Please refer to our FOOD AVOID and BENEFICIAL FOODS LIST. It is always a good idea to eat healthy, drink a lot of water and tries to avoid any foods that constipating and/or gassy at least for 24 hours prior to your treatment.

What can I expect afterwards?

Most likely you will feel great!!! You will feel lighter and enjoy a sense of well being, clarity and mental alertness. Any activity you would normally do such as work or exercise is fine. For some, the colonic may trigger several subsequent bowel movements for the next few hours; but there usually is not any uncontrollable urgency or discomfort. In some instances, individuals may experience a short term “HEALING CRISIS”. We tell our clients that if they feel tired, have a headache or experience any discomfort after the treatment, not to worry. Sometimes our bodies react to the healing process by temporarily giving us symptoms. Please contact your therapist so they can give advice and helpful tips to help assist you though this. Although this HEALING CRISIS is not common, nor experienced my most clients, it is a part of any holistic therapy which assists the body of ridding toxicity.

Why is it important to have a series of Colonics?

In order to obtain results of lasting benefits, one should commit to a series of treatments. Having colonics regularly for a period of time, such as weekly or several times a week is what we refer to as a “Series”. In most chronic cases, we need to work on hydrating the system and loosening the hard fecal matter before we can actually start to get the matter to release. How many session each individual needs, varies from person to person. Again, this can only be properly considered once an objective has been identified.

Are Colonics dangerous in anyway?

Being an essential natural process, there is virtually no danger with a colonic. When you are under the care of a certified therapist, your safety is their primary concern. Our intent is to provide a safe and healthy service we take care of you in every way, so there is no need to worry.

Will a Colonic make me contipated or give me diarrhea?

The most frequent post colonic experience is to have a slight delay in bowel movements and then a resumption of somewhat larger, easier to move stool. Sometimes if the colon is weak and sluggish, there may be NO bowel movement for several days following the colonic. This is NOT due to the colonic, but rather to the weakness of the muscles in the colon, and indicates that the colon requires strengthening and healing. Infrequent diarrhea or loose bowels may be experienced. This is due to the extra water introduced into the colon or to the stirring up of toxic waste. It is nothing to be concerned with, and in fact is a good thing.

Will Colonics help with chronic constipation?

There are three factors involved in having a well functioning colon: diet, exercise and attitude. All three must be in balance for a colon to function well. Often, however, because the colon has been sluggish for so long; it has become severely weakened due to being constantly bathed in toxic waste, stretched from holding excessive stool and constricted by chronic tension. The process of colon irrigation is excellent for cleansing and healing the colon so that changes in diet, exercise and attitude are then able to produce beneficial effects. Many people find the results and great relief provided by colonics often motivates them to institute positive changes in their lifestyle. It can truly be a life changing experience, on all levels of ones being.

Is it true that colonics wash out the intestinal flora and valuable nutrients?

The real truth is the washing out of putrefied material is in the large intestine; actually increase the good intestinal flora. Good bacteria can only breed in a clean environment that has been washed free of putrefaction and harmful bacteria. That is why the intestines of a newborn baby immediately begin to grow good intestinal flora. Each time you clean out the putrefying garbage and make a better environment for the flora to flourish, they start to multiply immediately in their natural state. This is also why it is so beneficial to take a good quality PROBIOTIC after each colonic. Each capsule of friendly bacteria delivers millions and millions of the organisms into the colon, which grows and multiples for a healthier and more balanced intestinal ecosystem.

What effect does Colon Hydrotherapy have on our immune systems?

The removal of stagnant waste material and hardened, impacted toxic residue could rejuvenate the immune tissue that resides in the intestines. Recent European studies show that 90% of immune tissues resides in the intestines. It is a fact that 80% of ALL ILLNESS starts in the large intestines. Colon Hydrotherapy is not a cure-all, but a critical adjunctive therapy in the overall health care of our clients.

What will be okay to eat after getting a Colonic?

What we suggest is that you eat a moderate amount of whatever seems gentle and nourishing to you. Using common sense is the best approach. Eating a meal or foods that are known to cause trouble in your abdomen, or causing you excessive gas directly following a colonic is not an intelligent choice. Favor foods such as green leafy salads, vegetable soups, fruits and unrefined foods are best. Eating Organic and Pure foods is always the way to go if at all possible. Drinking more fluids is also highly beneficial after a treatment. This can come in the form of vegetable and fruit juices, but distilled or purified water is preferred.